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is ghb a bad papa? ;_;



Not really!

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> Pollos: Return hive.


For a split second, you’re sure that you’ve broken some kind of curse and the hive is going to fall down around you, ancient-castle-in-a-videogame-after-you’ve-collected-the-plot-significant-item-style, but no, those are footsteps that you very much recognise.

Wild Vana appears! and tackles you down, quickly enough to have you sparking in alarm, but it doesn’t take you long to realise it’s him and calm down thereby.

He holds onto you tightly, and at the sound of his voice, you can feel that familiar old affection bubbling up inside of you and threatening to gush right out. Your throat starts up a loud purr, and you wrap your arms around him just as tight.

"Hey. Missed you."

Those are the only words you make time for before pressing your lips to his in a kiss deep, loving, pitying, hungering.

You purr right back at him, loud and warbling and peppering him all over with kisses and— oh.

That is the kiss you wanted.

Mewling quietly, you hold him tightly, stroking his hair back so slowly as you return it with all your pity and longing. He’s home, he’s back here where you want him and all is good in the world, you don’t want anything else.

(Aside from your moirail back alive, to see your Red again and maybe have her and Summi revived. Hm. That’s for later.)

For now, you’re just going to utterly adore every part, and you break the kiss to nip along the jaw.

"… Missed you too, dearest."

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you rock my world though

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> Pollos: Return hive.


At long last, you’ve recovered enough to travel, and though you’re comfortable and happy at Gamzee’s, you miss hive more than words can tell. You miss Vana, you miss Porrim, and you even miss those dumb, loveable bleatbeasts.

So, you give Gamzee a grateful, warm farewell, and bid him thank Feferi for her kindness, and with that, you’re off to the transportaliser.

It takes the littlest of moments for you to be gone from there, and for there to become here— in the hive more familiar to you than any you’ve ever known.

Stepping down from the transportaliser, you purr to yourself as you run a hand over familiar old walls, and you wander out into the hallways. Whichever of the two you love you find is going to be encased in a tight, warm hug, and you don’t plan to let go for a long time.

While the sound of you running down the hallways can’t be compared to an earthquake, it sure as shit sounds like an incoming storm.

This you won’t deny.

You are indeed running as you notice your matesprit finally returning hive, and you’ve missed him something incredibly. Because the time you spot him, you zoom at him and tackle him to the floor, arms wrapped around him and clinging to your dear life.

"… Hey, sweets."

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Besides the Dolorosa, are there any other trolls you are scared of?


what an odd question :oO! but understandable :o)

i do not fear many trolls. more respect them than anything. hell, i could say that i am scared of my empress, but..

to be honest, i’m not.

shit, the fear i feel for the Madame is more like being scared of your guardian, but i still love her.

i believe i don’t have many more trolls to fear. when i was younger, i did, because so many were so much stronger than i was, had so much more experience.

but when you’re at the top, there’s not much more to be scared of. it is, admittedly, rather boring, but it’s the price that i pay.

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empatiat replied to your post: empatiat liked your post:geminidoomed:…

Don’t you threaten me with your enormous ass. :(

i am going to place my rump on you :o(((

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especially you

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I is keep forget how cute Vana is. :o)

i’m not cute :””””’o(((((((

ye2 you are


i’m going to sit on you all.



i may have put chili and salt in her tea

she may have spilled said tea on her dress as a result

Yeah, you’re doomed. Say hII to LIItIIos for me.

Shall we dIIscuss corpse party arrangements whIIlst we can?


(explosions. that is what i want.)


I is keep forget how cute Vana is. :o)

i’m not cute :””””’o(((((((